Eastern Apostolic Vicariate

following anchient orthodox catholic tradition


A mystical approach following the patristic tradition of Christianity in both Eastern and Western expressions.


A recognized line with the Holy Apostles, whom Jesus had sent out and who in turn ordained their successors. This began what we call now the Apostolic Succession or lineage. It is a sign of authenticity and sacramental validity, no matter to what jurisdiction one belongs.


Christianity has had many forms, names, structures and traditions throughout history, but all are equal (John 14:2). The true church is not an institution or mega-corporation, but the community of believers, transcending denominational and man-made boundaries. All who confess to Christ are brothers and sisters. Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom (Luke 12:32).


Who Can Be Saved?

Ecumenoclasm, a heresy which denies the possibility of salvation to the bulk of humanity, violates several fundamental principles of Orthodox and Catholic theology. It denies that God is a good and loving God who seeks the salvation of all humans, but rather turns God into a cruel divine caricature who creates humans, whose only final destiny can be eternal torment. This is not at all the Christian notion of God as the lover of humankind, the merciful and compassionate one, the benefactor of our souls.

Though our tradition stems from the Eastern Church, we allow for both Eastern and Western Rites and spirituality.